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Ludic geographies: not merely child’s play – out now!

Imagine my surprise when I got a tweet from a peer saying they were excited to read my new article when I didn’t know it had been published!

Hot off the press – ‘Ludic geographies: not merely child’s play’, out now in Geography Compass (2012) 6/6, 313-326

Abstract: More often than not, play is assumed to be the activity of children. To date, this has limited academic engagements with play as a significant geographical concern in its own right. This paper challenges the common association of play with children through discussion of three frames of reference – play and the everyday, the politics of play, and how play exceeds representation – that are particularly instructive when developing broader conceptualisations of this phenomenon. In sketching out a broader space for ludic, or playful, geographies, I am able to mark the critical and ethical potential of play, discussed here as a form of coming to consciousness and a way to be otherwise, and the cultivation of a mode of ethical generosity.


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